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2 hours 37 minutes ago

Tesla model 3. Came to the right place. Wanting the best window tint available to Gainesville Ga. Premium films made by the worldwide top manufacturer in window films. Nationwide lifetime warranty against fading, pealing,bubbling and color change. #windowtinting #windowtint #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner

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1 day 4 hours ago

My small window tinting business has grown and thrived from my loyal customers and their referrals. This man Gary Donino may have single handedly sent more of his family vehicles and referrals than anyone else. Maybe not. But based on what I know, him and his family have all supported me and trusted me since the first months of me opening my new shop here in Gainesville GA. Been tinting 16 years. This shop is 2 years old. Thank you to him, his family, his friends and to all of you who have put me where I am today. Your trust. Your loyalty means the world to me. #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #windowtinting #windowtint #gratitude #grateful

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4 days 3 hours ago

We’re growing faster than we anticipated. Thanks to each and every one of our clients and supporters. We now need a little help. We need a shop hand. Help grow us even farther. We’re not offering $100K a year. We’re offering a position to a motivated individual who wants to learn the trade, help us continue to grow and be part of something big. You could potentially run a tint shop for us soon. Apply here to apply. We’d love to hear from you. Share this too please!

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5 days 6 hours ago

2018 Toyota Tacoma. We reduced light glare from the windshield with 50%. 20% on the front doors. And added more privacy to the factory tinted glass on the back doors and back glass with 35%. Premium Superior Charcoal window film. Lifetime warranty. Contact us for a quote. Schedule today! #windowtinting #windowtint #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #dontdriveafishbowl #darkeriscooler

On Point Pro Styles

1 week 2 days ago

There is one main difference between regular dyed tint and ceramic. Ceramic blocks heat. Or in more detailed terms greatly slows the transfer of heat. That it. It’s not darker in the outside and clear from the inside. All tint works the same as far as VLT. #windowtinting #windowtint #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner