Ceramic Window Tinting

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2Ply 1.5mil Supreme Quality Nano Ceramic Automotive Window Film. Optical Clarity, No hazy, foggy effects to interfere with visibility. Views of both road and roadside scenery are sharp and clear.

Nano Technology Film containing Ceramic Particles found in the laminate adhesive and hard coat layers which offers Excellent Heat Rejection and Color Stability for a Lifetime.

Scratch Resistant and Standard Black Color.

Blocks 99% UV rays and No Radio Signal Interference.

Cooler temperature, Privacy and Protects your car’s interior.

Tint Shades available in 5%(Limo), 15%(Dark), 20%, 35%(Medium), 40%, 50(Light), 70%.

Construction: Highest Grade Ceramic Particles with Ultra Optical Clear PET
Color: Standard Black
Layer: 2-ply
Thickness: 1.5 mil
Scratch Resistant: Yes
Reflective: No
Metal: No
Ultra Violet Block: 99%
Visible Light Trans: 5%,15%,20%,35%,40%,50%,70%
IR Rejected: 71-88


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